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Shotwell 50 Studio (S5S) is located on 50 Shotwell Street at 14th Street . The building was built in 1906 with a gallery space measuring 17' x 45' (765 square feet) with a 14ft tall ceiling.  It also includes a 9.5' x 22' (209 square feet) alcove. S5S resides in the heart of SF between SOMA and Mission districts and is accessible by the Mission Street freeway exit and by 16th Mission Bart station.


Availability: Please contact us for dates, details, equipment and rates.

The guidelines provided within are intended for the enjoyment of anyone visiting the studio to comfortably enjoy productive event experiences while helping us preserve the integrity of our 100 year old redwood building for everyone to enjoy in the future.

Please join us in supporting city, state. and federal laws. This means any guest should have respectful regard for these laws, as you would in someone's home, insuring the safety of our guests, and the studio.

1. Access: Since private events cannot take place without the proper agreements and arrangements, one must have a valid invitation.

2. Observe Fire Safety: Please refrain from open flames or smoking within our 100 year old redwood building, ash recepticles are provided outside for our smoking guests.

3. Preserve the Art: The use of permanent materials (ie, screws, spray paint, glue, etc) is discouraged unless decorations can be placed without damaging any wood, paint, or carpeted surface. Rice, glitter, birdseed, confetti, bubbles, or smoke machines cannot be brought into our studio because they can damage fragile surfaces and are a slip hazard.

4. Respect the neighbors: Our studio reserves the right to control noise level. Guest parking is unavailable. Our guests agree to conduct themselves in an orderly fashion.

5. Photography: Please credit our studio when publishing photos taken here.

Thank you for contacting us!